September 10, 2008: CentOS Network Install Mirrors

So today I needed to do a fresh install of CentOS 5.2. Went to the trouble of torrenting the DVD, then discovering my DVD burner has the (terminal?) flu.

Plan B: a network install. Tony Bhimani has documented this pretty well, with one problem: in screen 8, he recommends using as the netinstall source. But today it is down. So a bit more googling brings me to a few other sites recommending their favorite mirror … in places like Belgium. But I’m in the US, and the thought of all those packets flying halfway around the world does not thrill me. Where, oh where, is the list of mirrors I can install from? It doesn’t seem easy to find by searching the CentOS site, nor via Google … so I figure I’ll document it here. Maybe the next person googling it will find this just a tad quicker?

The CentOS Public Network Install mirror list is here:

and some interesting status views are here:

I’m glad I found the list; I first tried installing from U Idaho, but that failed because of a bad or missing Gnome image. My next try, from U Oregon, worked out well.

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